National 6 frame nucleus hive

National 6 frame nucleus hive

Half a hive of bees. Comes in a polystyrene nucleus hive with a top feeder for sugar syrup.

All queens are instrumentally inseminated and are the same stock as the caged queens we sell: Local dark bees, selected for by temperament, honey production and wax colour.

They are more conservative with their efforts in the spring, giving them a better overwintering survival rate in the british climate than imported queens.


Will contain 3-4 frames of brood, with the remainder full of stores; a laying queen marked for the year she was reared (either this season or the end of last), and plenty of workers. Should be established enough for moving into a hive upon collection.

  • Refundable nuc box:

    £35 refund given if the poly nuc box and feeder are returned in good condition.